BioPerine: Benefits, Dosage, And Side Effects

BioPerine Summary

  • BioPerine is a supplement that helps improve your body's absorption of nutrients.
  • It comes from black pepper (Piper nigrum).
  • BioPerine was researched and created by Sabinsa corporation.
  • Benefits include improved nutrient and supplement absorption, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, blood sugar control, and heart and brain health.
  • The daily dosage when taken alone or as part of a supplement is 5-10mg.
  • My pick for the best stand alone BioPerine product is Carlyle BioPerine.
  • EndurElite Recover X and Vitamin contain BioPerine.



What Is BioPerine?

BioPerine is a supplement that has been used for centuries in countries such as India, China, and Japan. It was originally developed to help with stomach issues like diarrhea or constipation.

However, it's become more popular in the last few decades because of its ability to help improve your body's absorption of nutrients.

In this blog post we will discuss what BioPerine is, how you can use it, benefits and side effects associated with using BioPerine.

Where Does BioPerine Come From?

BioPerine comes from black pepper (Piper nigrum). The pungent oil is extracted from the peppercorns and then it's purified to make sure that there are no other components in the supplement.

Who Makes It?

sabinsa bioperine

BioPerine is a supplement researched and created by Sabinsa, an American company that was founded in 1988.

Sabinsa has patented over 260 formulas in various fields of food, health and plant-based medicine.

BioPerine was developed as a safe and effective way to not only expedite nutritional absorption, but also trigger an anti-inflammatory response that aids in pain relief.

BioPerine Benefits

BioPerine has been extensively researched and has demonstrated a multitude of benefits. Let's take a brief look at a few of them.

  • BioPerine aids in the absorption of nutrients from your food and supplements.
  • BioPerine is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, which can help relieve mild to moderate pain.
  • In 2017 BioPerine also received a patent for its use as an adjuvant treatment for influenza A/H I and II viruses.
  • It has been shown that BioPerine has amazing benefits on joint health by lessening inflammation and reducing discomfort caused by arthritis or other conditions like gout.
  • It has been shown to reduce high levels of blood sugar in a laboratory environment. Piperine extracts, like BioPerine, are of interest to people with type 2 diabetes and other blood sugar disorders.
  • Medical trials have linked piperine to enhanced memory in animals and early studies involving humans may show similar results, indicating the potential for BioPerine as a tool against disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Piperine has been shown to potentially reduce "bad" LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Studies have demonstrated that piperine blocks enzymes which bind unwanted compounds including toxins - preventing them from being absorbed into the bloodstream or stored in fat cells where they may do further harm."
  • Perhaps one of the most exciting properties of piperine, and by extension BioPerine, is its anti-cancer potential. Research indicates that piperine has an ability to combat cancerous cells without harming healthy ones. Piperine's unique interactions with drug compounds may enhance their potency for fighting triple negative breast cancer - a formidable form of the disease.

Research Studies

BioPerine increases the absorption of beta-carotene

BioPerine and beta carotene

Effects of BioPerine on Selenium Levels

bioperine and selenium

Efficacy of BioPerine on the bioavailability of Vitamin B6 absorption

BioPerine and Vitamin B6

Effects of BioPerine on serum CoQ10 levels

BioPerine and CoQ10

BioPerine and Curcumin

BioPerine and Curcumin

(Above graphs courtesy of Sabinsa corporation)

How Does BioPerine Improve Nutrient Absorption?

There are three mechanisms by which BioPerine improves nutrient absorption and bioavailability. These are:

  1. Increases blood supply to the GI tract
  2. Increases emulsifying content of the gut
  3. Increases active nutrient transport

What Supplements Are Good to Combine With BioPerine?

BioPerine plays an integral role in the absorption of supplements such as:

Herbal extracts

  • Curcumin, Boswellin, Ashwagandha, gingko, and capsaicin

Water soluble vitamins

  • Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, vitamin C

Fat Soluble vitamins

  • Vitamin A, D, E, and K


  • Vitamin E, alpha-carotene, transbeta-carotene, lycopene, lutein, pink bark, germanium, selenium, and zinc

Amino Acids

  • Lysine, isoleucine, leucine, threonine, valine, tryptophan, phenylalanine, and methionine


  • Calcium, iron, vanadium, chromium, iodine, potassium, manganese, copper, and magnesium.

BioPerine Dosage

bioperine dosage

The typical dosage for BioPerine ranges between 5mg-10mg, depending on your needs or what you're using it for.

It can be taken as a single dose or split into two doses throughout the day with food.

You should not exceed 3000 mg daily without consulting your physician first. Which leads us to our next question...

Side Effects

It has been reported by some people that taking excessive amounts of BioPerine can cause stomach upset, nausea, or constipation.

Where can I buy BioPerine?

BioPerine can be bought as a stand alone ingredient on amazon and combined with your favorite supplements. My pick for the best one is Carlyle BioPerine.

BioPerine is also found in the following EndurElite products:

About The Author:

Matt Mosman (MS, CISSN, CSCS) is a research scientist, endurance athlete, and the founder and Chief Endurance Officer at EndurElite. Matt holds his B.S. in Exercise Science from Creighton University and his M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of California.  Matt and his family reside in Spearfish South Dakota, where they enjoy running, mountain biking, camping, and all the outdoor adventures Spearfish has to offer.


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