Can Supplements Prevent Or Cure The Coronavirus (covid19)?

Ever wonder if taking supplements can help prevent or cure the coronavirus?

Ummmm…the short answer is f*ck NO! With the spread of this infectious disease, some companies are marketing their supplements as immune-boosting and they will somehow magically make you resistant to covid19.

Here’s why this is a bunch of BULLSH*T

1. There is little to no evidence any supplements can prevent, cure, or make you more resistant to a virus. If anyone can show me peer-reviewed evidence that they do, I’ll give you some beachfront property in Iowa for FREE!
2. People have this notion the immune system is some kind of internal force field that can be bolstered or patched up. This is a bunch of malarkey! If you’re eating a normal diet and not nutritionally deficient, no amount of supplements, green juice, elderberry extract, garlic, kombucha, wheatgrass shots, donkey balls marinated in white wine sauce, etc.. will prevent you from getting sick when you come into contact with a pathogen like the coronavirus.

Some Supplements May Lessen The Severity And Duration Of Viruses

Now, one caveat is that vitamins like C, D, and zinc may lessen the duration and severity of a virus but AGAIN they WILL NOT PREVENT it.

How To Really Prevent The Coronavirus

So what can you do to lessen your chances of getting sick?

1. Wash your hands you filthy animal!
2. Exercise
3. Stop touching your beautiful face
4. Get plenty of sleep.
5. Minimize stress.
6. Eat a healthy diet.
7. Avoid large crowds for the time being.
8. Stop falling for the marketing gimmicks….ok, that won’t prevent it but it’ll save you money.


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