Do Elevation Breathing Masks Work?

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses if elevation breathing masks can simulate high altitude training, increase VO2 Max, and make you a better endurance athlete

What Are Elevation Breathing Masks & Do They Work?

Do Elevation Masks Simulate High Altitude Training, Increase VO2 Max, and Make You A Better Endurance Athlete? Ummmmm….FU*K NO!

  • Yet another study demonstrates elevation masks are useless and don't simulate altitude training.
  • Learn more about looking like bane (or an idiot in the eyes of those who do science) in the gym at
  • To quote the study"Elevation training mask does not seem to change acute pulmonary function, metabolism, heart rate, or oxygen saturation, indicating it likely does not create a hypoxic environment or mimic altitude

For the full video on elevation training mask and why they don't work click here

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