Perform Elite Capsules are BACK!


New Improved Formula

Endure Elite was founded on being the leader in supplements designed specifically for endurance athletes. We’ve scoured the scientific landscape and cultivated the best ingredients to create products that don’t just make you feel stimmed out like so many other “performance” products on the market.

Our pre workouts include ingredients that

  • Improve aerobic capacity & VO2 Max
  • Boost stamina
  • Enhance resistance to fatigue
  • Increase energy
  • Reduce oxidative stress

Old supplement fact panel on left, ne supplement fact panel on right.

Perform Capsules were created for that specific reason. A simple on-the-go option that you can take anytime, anywhere. No need to mess with powders, shakers, and chugging a bunch of liquid before you hit the open trail. Simply pop three capsules and you’re ready to go for hours on end!

We’ve taken our original best-selling pre workout and upgraded it with some of the most-exciting ingredients to recently enter the realm of sports nutrition.

Here’s what’s new in the new and improved Perform Elite Caps:

600mg Alpha GPC 50%

600mg Alpha GPC 50%

Alpha GPC is a superior source of choline compared to choline bitartrate (which was included in the original Perform Elite caps. Unlike bitartrate, Alpha GPC can cross the blood-brain barrier and it’s more readily used by the brain and body, leading to greater acetylcholine levels, supporting increased concentration and focus.

2x More Huperzine!

2x More Huperzine!

To further augment acetylcholine levels and amplify focus during your long training sessions, we’ve increased huperzine from 50mcg to 100mcg. Huperzine is a powerful nootropic that inhibits the actions of acetylcholinesterase -- the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine.

Added Dopamine Support

Added Dopamine Support

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter most often associated with feelings of reward, but it also impacts mood, motivation, focus, decision-making, and motor control, which if you think about it is pretty damn important for prolonged training sessions!

Furthermore, exhaustive exercise can deplete dopamine concentrations leading to imparied performance and accelerate the onset of fatigue.

We’ve added 300mg velvet bean extract, which supplies the dopamine precursor (L-DOPA), to support dopamine levels, helping you to train harder, last longer, and feel better!

Stress & Endurance Support

Stress & Endurance Support

Endurance training is tough, both mentally and physically. There comes a point where even the most conditioned athletes question why they’re still slogging it out.

We’ve added a pair of ingredients to help reduce stress, improve mood, and boost endurance in RhodioPrime & L-Theanine.

RhodioPrime is a novel form of rhodiola extract standardized for 6% salidrosides. Rhodiola itself has a long history of use for its anti-fatigue benefits, boosting endurance and performance in the face of stressful situations. Salidrosides are recognized as the key “energizing” bioactives and they’ve been shown to positively influence several “big time” neurotransmitters, including dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, and serotonin -- boosting mood, focus, energy, alertness, and performance!

Theanine is an amino acid found in tea leaves that modulates GABA and dopamine in the brain to promote feelings of calm without inducing feelings of fatigue or tiredness. This also helps smooth out the energy component of Perform Elite Caps and works to promote strong, sustained, controlled energy, helping you get the right amount of stimulation and productivity from your pre workout.

Increased ATP Production

Increased ATP Production

Finally, we’ve optimized our ATP support ingredients by tweaking the dosages of elevATP (150mg) and Senactiv (formerly ActiGIn -- 100mg). These two ingredients work via different mechanisms to enhance the body’s ability to naturally produce ATP -- the cellular currency of energy production.

The more efficiently your muscles can regenerate ATP the longer you can sustain high levels of output -- breaking records, burning calories, and improving performance!

Become ELITE with Perform Elite Caps

Perform Elite Caps are the best endurance pre workout capsule supplements on the market -- bar none!

We know the game, we know the terrain, and we know the science, helping us to formulate the best products possible so that you can continue to reach your recreational and competitive aspiration anytime, anywhere!

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