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The 5 Dirty Little Secrets Of the Endurance Supplement Industry They Don't Want You To Know About

Most supplements are worthless! 

Yes, you heard that right.  I said most supplements are worthless!  This is coming from a guy who sells supplements and has worked in the supplement industry for the past 15 years.  Through my trials and tribulations, I've seen firsthand the many ways endurance supplement companies try to rip off consumers.  Now don't get me wrong, there are a handful of companies (including EndurElite of course) that are doing all the right things when it comes to producing and selling their products but I would venture to say at least 95% of endurance supplement companies are deceiving you in one way or another.  This blog is probably going to piss off some people but I feel you deserve to know what goes on behind the scenes in the supplement industry.

So let's get to it! This meme inspired article will discuss the top 5 dirty little secrets a lot of endurance supplement companies will use to deceive you and take your hard earned money.  By the time you finish reading this piece you'll be armed with the knowledge to make more informed decisions when it comes to your endurance supplements.

#1 - We Use Ingredients That Don't Work

Fun fact.  Out of the thousands of individual ingredients that make up various dietary supplements probably only 100 of them (if that) actually work. MIND BLOWN!!!!!! For example, let's look at one of the more popular ingredients meant for recovery, glutamine. Study after study has shown that glutamine doesn't do jack sh#t when it comes to helping muscles repair or decrease soreness (but it does help with glycogen resynthesis). So why do endurance supplement companies use it? One it's cheap and two they play off the name recognition of glutamine and what most athletes think it does.  Testosterone boosting ingredients are another favorite of the supplement industry but guess what?  They don't work UNLESS an individual already has low test levels. And this is still a big if. 

The bottom line is most supplement companies will hop on an ingredient that shows promise in rats and not wait until research in humans is done. Furthermore, they don't want to spend the time and effort reading through hundreds of peer-reviewed papers on ingredients to see if they actually work.

What's your best defense to see if an ingredient is legitimate or not?  Here it is,  Bookmark this link and make it your best friend.

#2 - We Use Proprietary Blends Not To Protect Our Formulas But To Rip You Off

Ever picked a supplement off the shelf and see 10 different ingredients combined in a blend with the total dose of all ingredients combined instead of individually listed out? This is called a proprietary blend and is one of the favorite deceptive practices endurance supplement companies like to use.  These companies will claim they use prop blends to hide their secret formula but this is total BS.  I could send their product off to a lab and for $250 find out the EXACT amount of each ingredient.

Why they really use proprietary blends is to load it up with cheap ingredients first and sprinkle in the more expensive ones.  For example, you could have a proprietary blend consisting of glutamine, creatine, citrulline, beta-alanine, BCAAs, etc....where the total dose is 5000mg.  What some unscrupulous companies will do (and it's perfectly legal) is put 4999mg of glutamine in and sprinkle the remainder of the ingredients to get to 5000mg. What a steaming pile of crap!

So how as a consumer can you fight back?  It's quite easy...NEVER, EVER buy a product that contains a proprietary blend!  I guarantee you you're being ripped off if you do.

#3 - We Fairy Dust The More Expensive Ingredients

fairy dusting

So what if a supplement lists the active dose of each individual ingredient?  All should be good then, right? Not necessarily.  Another common practice in the supplement industry is to add ineffective doses of research proven ingredient so on the surface, the product looks good.  This is called fairy dusting. 

Earlier I mentioned that probably only 100 ingredients work but the caveat to this is they only work if they are dosed in the right amounts based on the research done on them.  Here are a couple good examples.  The effective dose if beta-alanine is 3.2 grams.  Most companies will use far less than this.  Another good example is creatine.  2-5 grams is the effective dose here (depending on one's goals) but it is not uncommon to see some formulas contain a gram or less.  I could cite several more popular ingredients but you get the point.

Again, is your best resource to see what effective doses of certain ingredients are.

#4 - Our Marketing Team Develops Our Supplements, Not Scientists

Ready to have your head spin?  Most endurance supplements are made by former pro athletes or a marketing team who have zero clues on how to properly formulate a supplement designed to improve endurance performance.  Just because I've flown on a plane multiple times doesn't mean I know how to fly it.  Very rarely will endurance supplements be designed by a scientist with a relevant background in exercise, nutrition, and supplementation. Even rarer is one who has done a lick of clinical research in their life.

Want to know something even scarier.  Some endurance supplements are pre-made and all companies have to do is stick their branded label on it and call it a day.  No joke...I could spend $5000 today and have a supplement company up and running by the end of the week.

Check your favorite endurance supplements company website and see who their team is.  Better yet use google scholar and see if they have any relevant research published.  I am willing to bet very few do.

#5 - Our Supplements May Contain Banned Substances

Are your current supplements made in someone's bathtub or in the back of a retail store?  Or are they made in a cGMP facility where every raw ingredient and the finished product is tested before being sold to the consumer?  How do you know they don't contain banned substances?  Whether intentional or not endurance supplements can be laced with illegal and unsafe ingredients.  Believe me, it happens all the time.  We've seen in the news lately how prominent endurance athletes win a big race and big-time money only to lose it all from taking a supplement that contains something that is not stated on the label.

I cannot stress this enough. Make sure all your supplements are made in a cGMP facility.  The risk is too great not to.

The Bottom Line

     To recap:

    1. Never buy an endurance supplement with ingredients that don't work.
    2. Never buy an endurance supplement that contains a proprietary blend.
    3. Never buy an endurance supplement that is under-dosed.
    4. Never buy an endurance supplement that is not made by someone with relevant qualifications.
    5. Never buy an endurance supplement that is not made in a cGMP facility.

    I understand that it is hard to take the time to research everything and wade through all the BS on the internet when it comes to finding the best supplements to enhance endurance performance.  Luckily for you, EndurElite does have the time and experience to provide you with the best endurance supplements on the market.  Our products are made by SCIENTISTS with relevant backgrounds, will never contain ineffective or under-dosed ingredients, will never contain proprietary blends, and will always be made in a cGMP facility under the most rigorous and stringent standards to assure you that what is on the label is EXACTLY what is in the bottle.  That's the EndurElite promise!

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