Sleep Elite

Sleep. We love it, we look forward to it, we need more of it.  It cannot be debated….sleep is important.  It helps our bodies recover, assists in long term memory formation, cleanses our brain of toxic proteins and is vital for metabolic processes.

On one hand, lack of sleep can cause a wide range of health issues such as inflammation, loss of focus, lower testosterone production, and poor cardiovascular health.  On the other hand consistent, high-quality sleep can help you perform better mentally, physically, sexually, and make you a happier individual.

With constant stimulation and other life stressors, a deep, restful night's sleep is a rare commodity these days. That's why we developed Sleep EliteSleepElite contains 12 clinically dosed natural relaxants and anti-stress compounds to help you fall asleep and stay asleep without any next day grogginess. We also added 4 effective recovery compounds to help you bounce back quicker from strenuous training.

Customer Reviews

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Bryce Thorman
I miss Grape

I miss the original grape flavor. I really do like this product, especially using it on high effort rides, or after several hour rides. Ever since the lavender taste came out, it’s just not the same. I definitely miss the grape flavor. Grape was so good. Decent product tho, helps you fall asleep and aids in nighttime recovery process in my opinion

John smith
Works great, taste terrible

Great and restful sleep! I use it when traveling for OCR races and have to sleep in hotels. However it is incredibly bitter, but smells great. Improve the taste and its a 5 star product easily

Michel Cayer
Within an hour you'll be off to bed!

This product definitely does the job of making you sleepy in less than an hour. For me it helps with my insomnia but unfortunately with my rare sleep disorder it has not improved on my sleep quality.
If I could suggest anything, the Sleep Elite tasted much better than the Sleep Elite X because it didn't contain lavender.
Overall I recommend this product for any issue of insomnia.

Greta support for sleep

Provides a great support to have a deep and resting sleep. However did not taste good


Tried a three night sample from a young lady at HHH last month, this stuff is great and ordering today!