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EndurElite Ambassador Program

Do you want to be a part of the most innovative and quality endurance supplement company on the market today? Well here is your chance! By joining Team EndurElite as an ambassador you will have the opportunity to earn cold hard cash on sales generated through your network.

Simply promote EndurElite and its products by sending your personal ambassador website link (emailed to you upon approval) to your friends, family, and fans.

Depending on your referral sales volume, every 30 days you have the chance to earn:

  • Tier 1 - $100 to $400 referral sales = 10% Commission
  • Tier 2 - $400 to $999 referral sales = 15% Commission
  • Tier 3 - $999 to $5,000 referral sales = 20% Commission.
  • Tier 4 - $5,000 to $10,000 referral sales = 25% Commission + Athlete Sponsorship.

EndurElite Provides Only The Best, Most Effective Endurance Supplements To Fuel Your Fast! And Your Friends Too! Apply Now To Become An Ambassador:

EndurElite Ambassador Program FAQ

How does the program work?

The EndurElite Ambassador Program allows you to earn commission off of every sale generated through your network. When you refer a customer to us, and that customer makes a purchase on, we say THANK YOU by giving you a commission. How do people receive their product? We take care of processing, fulfillment and customer service. We say thank you by sending you your commissions directly through PayPal. It’s that easy. You will receive a 10-25% commission on purchases you refer depending on your 30-day cookie referral sales volume. 

How do I know I will be paid for my referral?

The program is powered by Refersion tracking software. Refersion uses a combination of cookies and IP address to track referrals for best possible reliability. When the visitor follows your affiliate link to our site, our affiliate system registers this referral and places a cookie on his or her computer. When the visitor pays for the product, affiliate system checks for cookie (if not found, checks for IP address of referral) and credits commission to your account. This process is absolutely automatic. All your referrals will be properly tracked.

How much does it cost?

Zero. Nothing. Nada. Joining up is FREE.

How do I set up an account?

Go to the Signup Form above and fill it out. After a review from our ambassador manager, you will receive an email with your password and other information. As our ambassador, you will have your own control panel where you can see detailed statistics of traffic and sales you referred. Then you only need to place your ambassador link on your website or reach out to your social networks and audience channels, so you can start referring your friends, family, and fans to our site.

Can I take the order on my website?

No. We want to ensure your visitors get the most up-to-date information and ordering options available from EndurElite. In addition, a customer's contact and billing information is crucial to our ability to offer excellent customer service. Let EndurElite take care of everything, then sit back and enjoy the benefits.

How do I qualify?

Anyone may submit an application; however, we are seeking passionate members in the endurance community with an active social media presence. We do reserve the right to refuse membership or revoke membership any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material. Objectionable material includes, but is not limited to, pornography, explicit language or content, violence, discrimination, promotion of illegal activities, violation of intellectual property rights or laws, libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials, or sites with little or no original content.

How do I get started?

  1. Go to the Signup Form above.
  2. Fill out the form.
  3. Please allow 1-2 business days for us to review your information.
  4. Once you are accepted, you will be sent a confirmation email and will be able to log in to your own ambassador panel and grab your custom link.
  5. Place your custom ambassador link on your website or post through your social channels to increase your sales.
  6. Receive commission from every sale!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Ambassadors may not run paid traffic to our site and may not advertise coupon codes on coupon discount websites.
  2. Ambassadors may not use the EndurElite name in social media page names / handles / profiles, set up accounts which appear to be an official EndurElite account, or in any way pretend to be a representative from EndurElite.
  3. Ambassadors will always represent the brand with integrity, respect, and honesty.
  4. Ambassadors will use their own spheres of influence (website, blog, social media platforms) to help share EndurElite, and may not place their own links/coupon codes on any of our posts/ads/pages.
  5. Ambassadors will support one another by sharing ideas and encouraging each other.
  6. Ambassadors will be paid through Paypal every 30 days on all accounts with $100+ in commission (Commissions are not provided for shipping costs, or tax).
  7. The cookie window is 30 days. Please be cognizant of this when promoting. 
  8. Unless you personally know and have previously communicated with people who have purchased through you, using contact information for clients found in your Refersion conversion triggers for any type of communication is strictly forbidden. 
  9. EndurElite reserves the right to remove coupon codes that are found to be violating these terms, and reserves the right to remove Ambassadors from the program, without notice, if they are not representing the EndurElite brand in a professional, ethical, & respectful way.
  10. We reserve the right to update terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are operating within them.
Ambassadors is granted a limited, revocable, and temporary license to the branding and name of EndurElite for the sole purpose of promoting EndurElite and EndurElite sales. Ambassadors is not permitted to use any such branding or the name to hold itself as an agent, employee, partner or otherwise create the appearance of an official EndurElite representative through their promotional platform.