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Write For Us

Why Should You Write For The EndurElite?

  • You’ll be a leader amongst your peers: Hundreds of thousands of athletes, coaches, and scientists come here because they know they can rely on us for quality relevant information in the fields of training, supplementation, and nutrition. By contributing to EndurElite, you are now sharing your knowledge and success with those in need.
  • Build your legacy: Once published your submission will be viewed by thousands around the globe as well as all those who follow us across our various social media channels.
  • You’ll Improve: Your articles will be stacked up against others on the site to allow you to collaborate, making everyone better.
  • You’re the boss: As a valued contributor, there are no deadlines that you have to meet. Submit articles when you’re inspired or need to get something off your chest!

Here’s Some Things You Need To Know:

  • Word count: Give us at least 350 words. This is to make sure that what you’re submitting has some substance to it.
  • Past ExperienceNew writers are welcome. Want to build your online portfolio for a resume or college application? Get your quality article posted and it won’t go anywhere. We encourage our authors to take pride in what they post and use their submissions as a future reference.
  • Tone: Read through EndurElite articles and get a feel for what’s acceptable. Keep in mind that our audience includes coaches and scientists, so integrity is crucial.
  • Farming: If you work for a content farm or are a freelancer who writes articles for the sole purpose of linking back keywords to boost your own site’s SEO, we are not interested. If your article or bio is pushing something that doesn’t go along with our brand, you can be sure that we won’t be posting it.
  • Credit: EndurElite guest contributors are compensated through including your brief bio where you can link to your website, Facebook, Twitter accounts, which will be visible when the post is published. You’re more than welcome to use these posts in your professional portfolio or general bragging material.
  • Submissions to be done via Email: That means if you use Word to write your submission, for example, you will copy/paste the document into your email.
  • Have Patience: It takes time to review each article and format it for the site. You’ll be notified within 2 days of submission with a timeframe on when the article will be posted.
  • By submitting to EndurElite you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the EndurElite editorial team.

A Few Things To Consider Before You Submit Your First Piece Into The EndurElite Team:

  • Judge a book by its title:The Internet is littered with content so make sure yours stands out right from the start. Your title should be relevant but also make people want to continue reading what else you have to say.
  • Inform. Motivate.: Not only should you consider our audience when writing a submission but keep in mind what we’re here to do. Provide research-backed information. To do that we help scientists, athletes, and coaches by educating them, informing them, and motivating them. Negative, harassing, or combative pieces will not be accepted for publication.
  • Has this already been done: Utilize the search bar on the homepage to search for the general topic. If you believe yours is on a similar subject, but a different take feel free to submit, just make sure you link back to it to give credit where credit is due.
  • They’re hooked, don’t stop there: A great title will get them going, but quality content isn’t made in the first paragraph. Make sure your submission continues to build and keep the reader engaged throughout the entire piece.
  • Visual learners: If you have pictures that you own the rights to that you want to include in your article, feel free to send them along. We’ll make sure to incorporate them in the publication to ramp up the visual appeal. Make sure these pictures are large enough and when in doubt just feel free to send anyway.

Still interested? Send your submission to and get started!