The Endurance Athlete's Creatine

  • 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate
  • No fillers or excipients
  • Enhances Stamina & Delays Fatigue*
  • Increases Strength, Power, and Recovery*
  • Supports Intracellular Hydration*
  • 30 Servings Per Container
  • Unflavored - Add To Your Favorite EndurElite Product Or Beverage
  • Read More About Creatine And Endurance Here

    Creatine is not just for weightlifters and bodybuilders. It’s good for all types of athletes. In fact, a very strong argument can be made that everyone should be taking creatine for its wide array of health benefits in addition to performance enhancement. Creatine’s function is to form creatine-phosphate, which can then be used to quickly replenish ATP within muscle, and other, cells. By replenishing ATP, muscles are able to push harder and longer. Creatine also helps many other areas, including:

    • Increases Muscle Hydration
    • Accelerates Glycogen Resynthesis
    • Protects the Brain from Acute Trauma
    • Reduces Muscle Damage
    • Builds Stronger Bones
    Most importantly, creatine improves fatigue resistance, muscular endurance, maximal oxygen consumption, and anaerobic power output, contrary to popular belief. This is why the high-level endurance athletes are all using creatine while remaining strategically quiet about it – they’re gaining a competitive edge! Now you can too, with Creatine Elite! There are many forms of creatine out there, but none has ever outperformed the original, creatine monohydrate. You won’t find anything else in Creatine Elite, no additives whatsoever, just the purest and highest quality product available.
    Creatine Monohydrate (5g) – Creatine is the second most researched supplement on the planet (just behind caffeine). Creatine increases the cellular energy pool. This leads to a bevy of advantages. Specific to endurance athletes include the benefits of improved oxygen consumption, hydration, power, and muscular endurance!

    I thought Creatine was bad for endurance because it causes weight gain?

    Creatine does retain water within the muscle cell. This is not necessarily a problem for 2 reasons. First, better hydration has known benefits for endurance athletes, and more fluid at the beginning of an event widens the margin for error for hydration during a race. In other words, we know all-too-well that rehydrating during races is a pain! Creatine can reduce the total volume of fluid that needs to be ingested. Second, water weight can be mitigated by using smaller doses of creatine of 2.5-3 grams. See the next question!
    What is the best way to use Creatine Elite?

    For best results, take 1 serving per day as a dietary supplement. To minimize storing extra water, take ½ serving per day. For more advanced protocols, see our article on Creatine Elite.
    Why isn’t Creatine a featured ingredient in PerformElite? Shouldn’t creatine be taken pre workout?

    PerformElite does not contain any creatine chiefly because research shows better results when creatine is supplemented post workout. Secondary to that reason, EndurElite firmly believes in efficacious dosing. Creatine can be efficacious at a wide range of doses, each with varying degrees of “costs” and benefits. We believe that decision is best made by the athlete, which is also why you won’t find Creatine in RecoverElite.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Jason Leigh
    Endurelite can't be beat

    Hands down best Creatine on the market. I have tried many companies before and so far no one compares.
    Super clean no stomach problems. Love Love Matt's products 👊🏼

    Darla O'Connor
    Endurelite Products

    I am an loyal user of the EndurElite, Creatine, Sustain Elite and Vitamin Elite Products. I see great results in my performances with these products and the customer service is second to none!

    Steve Best
    Like all Endurelite products, this is superior

    Super-soluble, no grit, doesn’t taste like sh.... never mind. Does not alter the flavor of whatever I add it to. I’ve tried many brands of creatine and this is simply the best.

    Lucas Martin
    Overall Great

    Overall, it does help with my recover and muscle building. I say the only downfall is what I've also found in other Creatine, and that is the bloating that comes with taking Creatine.

    manuel rivera

    I love the creatine. It helped me a lot at my age group, 65 plus