EndurElite Team Cycling Bibs

Are you as fast as your bike? Do you know what the term "weight weenie" means? Do you like to show off your slender physique? If so the custom EndurElite Bike Bibs are for you!

  • Save 5 grams compared to other cycling bibs.
  • Be the envy of the local pros on your next group ride.
  • Increase your watts by 1500%*!
  • Improves aerodynamics by 32.356748%*!
  • Guaranteed to get you more Strava KOMS*!
  • Discount codes cannot be used on this product.

*Disclaimer: Bibs will not actually do these things....c'mon they're bibs..

  • Extremely breathable, moisture wicking
  • Multi-paneled design for ergonomic comfort in the saddle
  • Double-ply compression leg Powerbands
  • Flat-seam stitching to reduce chafing
  • Lightweight Minorca bib-mesh with chest buckle
  • High-performance Italian Pro Pad


– MicroPoly (Italy)  A durable, lightweight fabric designed to offer moisture management and comfort for both casual and endurance cycling activities.


– Wash cold

– Hang to dry

– Avoid abrasive surfaces