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Handmade EndurElite Beer Stein

Handmade EndurElite Beer Stein

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Handmade beer stein created in the Black Hills of South Dakota by Spearfish pottery superstar Clay Dykstra.  100% of net proceeds go to local trail building and maintenance efforts. 

  • Because what's better than a beer after endurance exercise? NOTHING!
  • Guaranteed to keep your IPA frosty cold.
  • Makes beer taste better.*
  • Increases your intelligence the more you drink.*
  • Soothing light blue color will make you feel calm and relaxed.*
  • Makes carb loading convenient and satisfying.*
  • Black Tooth Hot Streak not included. We are keeping those for ourselves.

*Disclaimer: EndurElite beer steins actually won't do these things...but they could in certain situations.