Immune Elite

Respiratory Support Formula

  • Clinically demonstrated in athletes to significantly reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), URTI symptoms, and total sick days compared to placebo.
  • Improves General Immune Health*
  • Maintains Overall Physical Health*
  • Protects Against The Harmful Effects of Stress*
  • Promotes Healthy Energy Levels And Mental Clarity*
  • 30 Servings Per Container

From recreational to elite athletes, the importance of staying healthy and ready to train is essential. ImmuneElite helps athletes stay healthy during and after intense exercise, allowing for harder and longer training.

Athletes at all levels can face harsh environmental factors (increased exposure to crowds or travel exhaustion) as well as physical and psychological stress. These factors can negatively impact the immune system and overall physical health. This can lead to missed training days or critical workouts and impact performance and wellness goals.

ImmuneElite has been clinically demonstrated in athletes to reduce upper respiratory tract infections (URTI), URTI symptoms, and total sick days when URTIs do occur. Additional research has demonstrated ImmuneElite can also significantly reduce fatigue and increase vigor.

ImmuneElite keeps athletes primed for performance.

Wellmune Beta-GlucanWellmune®  is a leading natural yeast beta glucan clinically proven to help strengthen your immune system. 

  • When Wellmune is consumed, it is taken up in the body by the Peyer’s Patches in the intestines.
  • Immune cells called macrophages (located in the Peyer’s Patches) ingest Wellmune and travel to immune organs located throughout the body.
  • Macrophages break down Wellmune into smaller fragments that bind to neutrophils, the most abundant immune cells in the body.
  • Primed by Wellmune, neutrophils move more quickly to recognize and kill foreign challenges.

Wellmune enhances immune function without over stimulating the immune system. Research supporting the safety and efficacy around Wellmune is the subject of numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and presentations at scientific forums.

What's the best way to take ImmuneElite?

As a dietary supplement, take one capsule per day or as otherwise recommended by a healthcare professional.

Why should endurance athletes take ImmuneElite?

Multiple clinical research studies have demonstrated that the immune systems of endurance athletes are suppressed and  more susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections and other illnesses after races, hard training sessions, and during extended training blocks. The beta-glucan in ImmuneElite can significantly reduce the occurrences of infections and other illnesses.

What other EndurElite products should I take with ImmuneElite?

We recommend taking VitaminElite in conjunction with ImmuneElite daily.

Is it safe to take ImmuneElite?

The Wellmune in ImmuneElite is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for daily health support under the provisions of U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Leigh
Immune by Endurelite

I love this stuff 💪🏼, Thank you Matt for another outstanding product. I have had an amazing year on it !!! Feel great and always ready to rock and roll.

P.s. all of Endurelites products hands down are the best out there 💪🏼 If you know you know .......

Zach Poolos

love the product, noticed a major difference once i started taking it religiously

Chad Kluver
Haven't had a sick day this year

Been taking this product for 8 months now and can't believe the difference it has made. Usually I get sick at least 5-10 times a year with a cold or other virus but since taking ImmuneElite I haven't been sick once. I did my research on beta glucan (main ingredient before purchasing this product) and I'm sold on the research behind. Another great product by Matt and the folks at EndurElite.