Sustain Elite Carb Shot

  • 20 Grams Of Bonk Breaking Quick Digesting Carbs Per 2 Ounces For Instant Energy, Plus Added Electrolytes & Taurine
  • Featuring Karbolyn. A Complex Super Carb That Does Not Cause The Dreaded Sugar Crash
  • Absorbs 18% Faster Than Gels & Chews
  • A Great Alternative To Goopy Gels & Chews That Are Hard To Eat & Sit Heavy In Your Stomach  
  • Zero GI Distress & Sugar Free
  • Light, Clean Taste That Doesn't Give You A Sticky Palate
  • No Need To Wash Down With Water
  • Two Flavors - Light Lemon Lime (More Sweet) & Outlast Orange (Less Sweet)
  • 16 Servings Per Bottle/Optional 150ml SoftFlask With Purchase

7 Ways To Use SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot

During rigorous exercise, the “reactor core” of hard-training endurance athletes’ metabolisms can be thrust into overdrive, and the energy demands to support rigorous workouts can skyrocket. Therefore, the importance for a source of pure energy during this period of time cannot be overstated. The body’s preferred source of pure energy comes from carbohydrates. Because every cell in the body requires it for metabolic fuel, cellular demands for carbohydrate fuel become exponential during training and racing .

SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot was formulated to provide instant carbs/energy before, during, and after intense endurance training and racing. The backbone of SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot is the super carb known as Karbolyn. A sugar free carb that absorbs 18% faster than glucose and other sugars with zero GI distress or the dreaded sugar crash.

Karbolyn is a uniquely engineered homopolysaccharide (relatively complex carbohydrate) with a precisely manipulated “molecular mass.” This molecular mass is what enables Karbolyn to absorb through the digestive track at a substantially faster rate than most other dietary or supplemental carb on the market. Even at this hyper-fast rate of absorption, Karbolyn is completely sugar free yet still provides the sustained energy of complex carbohydrates. Think about the implications of that last statement…Karbolyn delivers the best qualities of both simple and complex carbohydrates! 

SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot is the first and only product on the market to use concentrated Karbolyn to give you instant energy and break the bonk. 

If you're sick of gels and chews and want an effective, easy, and mess free solution to provide immediate energy during racing and training, SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot is your answer!

Karbolyn Karbolyn® is a homopolysaccharide. (relatively complex carbohydrate). Karbolyn® is made up of many monosaccharides joined together by glycosidic bonds. These are very large bonds that are branched macromolecules. The "Molecular Mass" has been precisely manipulated to create absorption through the stomach at a rate much greater than maltodextrin, dextrose, bread, pasta, rice or any other carb product on the market.

Because Karbolyn® passes through the stomach very quickly, it acts like a pump, pulling water and nutrients along with it. This high tech carbohydrate actually moves through the stomach 18.21% faster than dextrose or sugar.

Taurine  – This amino acid has numerous functions including oxidative stress, blood flow and angiogenesis, and insulin sensitivity which ultimately culminate in improved endurance performance.

Sodium – The most abundant electrolyte lost in sweat, sodium needs to be replaced during endurance exercise to prevent hyponatremia.

Potassium – Potassium is the primary electrolyte found inside cells. Working together with Sodium, the primary electrolyte found outside of cells, potassium speeds cellular rehydration during and after sweating.

Chloride - Hypochloremia (low blood chloride) has the same dangers as hyponatremia, and for every 10 sodium ions lost in sweat, 8 chloride ions go with it. Therefore, chloride is an electrolyte that must be considered during exercise.

What's the best way to take SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot?

Consume 2 ounces every 45 minutes for any exercise lasting over one hour. SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot can also be consumed 20 minutes prior to exercise to elevate blood glucose and immediately after exercise to help replenish muscle glycogen.

What's the consistency of SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot?

The best way to describe the consistency is somewhere between water and a syrup. It is more on the aqueous side by design, as this leads to faster digestion and absorption in the gut and makes it more palatable. No water needed!

Why not make a gel instead?

Honestly, everyone makes a gel and we wanted to introduce something new and innovative. Plus we hate the sticky mess gels leave and how they sit heavy in the stomach. Plus they are just so darn tough to consume during racing and training.

Can I add SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot to any other EndurElite products?

Yes, we designed SustainElite Liquid Carb Shot to be added to ANY EndurElite product. However, we recommended adding it to PerformElite or ElectroElites.


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Customer Reviews

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Liquid Crack

This is literally the best way to get carbs down potentially ever. I dare you to take down 100grams of carbs any other way per hour ….you’ll have massive GI issues and feel sick…I can legit take in gallons of this in my training with zero issues. It’s almost fake how easy this stuff goes down and how it can used and mixed with so many other endurelite products. If you are an endurance athlete, especially at a high level buy this shit right now and stock up

manuel rivera

I like it very much with Performance Elitex. The problem is that I cannot get enough performance Elitex.


Great shot of power and EZ on the stomach!

Cole D
Game Changer

I have trained and raced OCR endurance races using Carb Shot for over 9 months as my only nutrition needs for those long 90 min to 3 hour races. Even OCR mountain races in Tahoe and Utah Carb Shot was my only nutrition and I performed great- winning the podium at both races. The taste is amazing, so easy on the stomach, and comes in an easy effective and efficient small dose. No need to carry large bottles or vests if you do not want! Absolute awesome product!!

Doug Gardner