Should I Have Sex Before A Race?

EndurElite Chief Endurance Officer Matt Mosman discusses if having sex the night before a competition will negatively impact your performance.

Is Having Sex Before A Athletic Competition A Bad Idea?

Ever wonder if having sex the night before a race will have a negative impact on your performance?

  1. Guys like Mohammed Ali swore off mattress mambo before big competitions because he thought it was detrimental. But is this true?
  2. Here is what the research says.
  3. Study #1 done by Oxford University polled over 2,000 runners after the London Marathon and asked them, "Did you or did you not have an adult nap the night before the London Marathon?" What they found was the people that had sex ran about five minutes faster than those that did not.
  4. Study #2 had runners have sex or not have sex 12 hours before a treadmill run, in which they measured things like VO2 max, and time to fatigue.They found no differences in performance between the people who had afternoon delight and the ones that did not.
  5. Study #3 had runners get down and dirty two hours before a graded exercise test. Researchers found this decreased performance and inhibited recovery.
  6. Take home point? Go ahead and do the bedroom rodeo the night before a race but not 2 hours before. 

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